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Friday, February 1, 2008

Time Flies

As many of you know I recently turned 18! Wow...I guess I'm old! To celebrate I spent the morning reading Brave New World (only in French for French) and the afternoon finishing up the rest of my homework and helping to get ready for another week of skiing. In the evening we had dinner together (most of the family) and a really yummy cake/pie that my host mom made. After that my host parents, a host sister and I went to the movies. Normally we go to the movie theater with movies in french but this time we went to a different one where the movies are always the original version with subtitles. I saw Atonement..it was really good. The movie was in English but as it took place during the war there were a couple scenes in French. I didn't even realize they changed languages until I looked at the subtitles! It was so weird! Currently we are getting ready to leave for another week of skiing the French Alps. I am super excited! School is going pretty well and soon I will be going to the preschool for a week to help out (as a requirement through AFS) and also I have to teach a math lesson just after break! So there's all my exciting news for the moment...nothing much but I am still keeping busy with tennis lessons and Movement Jeunesse.

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