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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here's some news!!

I just got back from another skiing adventure in the French Alps! It is so much fun! I started the week skiing with my host parents and sister and her friends. The very first day (of my second week ever skiing) they took me to a black slope! Luckily there weren't many people the first day because I was still a little slow and fell down quite a few times! But as the week progressed I was able to go basically anywhere I wanted and I think I can officially say that I don't ski all that badly. Throughout the week I skiied with some family friends that were at the same ski station because they ski a little slower than my family and stay on marked slopes (which I prefer!). By the end of the week when I skiied more with my host parents they were definitely impressed by my improvement! I fell down maybe an average of twice a day. I did fall one time because I was launched by the ski lift! Long story short, I am not very good at using the skilift and it was an old one that goes really fast and the little helper didn't help so I got launched my the skilift and ended up dropping a ski, loosing my hat and stopping the whole thing. Everyone had a pretty good laugh, but besides that no exciting stories for this time around, but skiing was definitely easier the second time around! I recently had a big exam for my french course in the evenings. Yesterday we got the results and I had 27 over 30 for the oral and overall for writing, listening, and oral 91.9%. I am very happy with my score and it means I have definitely made lots of progress! As far as normal school things are looking good. I managed to read "Brave New World" (only in french) and this morning I took the test for it, surprisely I don't think I failed! I have also started giving english lessons to the daughter of someone who is in my french course in the evenings. I've only seen her a couple times but I think it's going to be lots of fun. Next week I will be participating in a "social week" obligatory through AFS. I have chosen to go the preschool of my school and so I will spend the week helping 3-5 year olds. I am super excited but I have to miss my normal classes so I will have a lot of catching up to do!


M, D and E said...

Way Cool! Buck Hill just isn't gonna do it for you when you get home, I bet.Everyone is a little envious and no one feels bad for you about how hard school is anymore because you are having so much fun and adventure!
Love you, Mom

JeJo said...

Wow, Lauren! I haven't been too good about visiting your site but I was blown away by all that you've done. . . skiing in the French Alps (twice). . . not realizing the difference between French and English during a movie (I liked Atonement but don't feel it's Oscar-worthy). . . getting so much better grades at school. . . I personally don't know if I can speak correctly in near future in English, much less another language! You go girl!
I think I put in your card before you left for Belgium "laissez les bon temps roulez" -- you most certainly have!