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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Five days in the short life!

I know it's been a while but frankly I have activities coming out my years. A couple weeks ago I spent a week at the preschool helping out the teachers and basically just having fun with the little kids. It was really neat seeing the differences between preschool in Belgium and preschool in the US and just in general changing my school habits for a week. I made lots of little friends and definitely had lots of fun but getting back into normal school is tough. It is definitely different when your morning greeting consists of "I went poopy in my underwear" opposed to the normal "Did you understand the science homework?" The little kids also liked to make fun of my accent and have me say words that I know I have a strong accent with. They are so funny when they tell my I don't say words like normal people! Also, by coincidence in one my classes there was a little girl from England so it was neat talking with her, but she is definitely picking up on french faster than me... ahhh what it's like to be young! I have a feeling I'm still a little bit behind with the homework but I'll catch up eventually! Recently we had our report cards and I only failed two classes when my teachers counted points like everyone else!! I guess this means school is going well. I understand almost everything and participate in class. Today and yesterday I even taught permutations to my math class...and they understood. Just like school in the US we're getting ready for spring break in a week and a half. Plenty of tests are coming our way but we are also taking a special trip for math and science and visiting a nearby university. With my evening french course we recently visited an exposition in Brussels on Da Vinci. It was super interesting and I never realized everything he did in life. (if you're a lefty you should start writing backwards and maybe you'll become a genius too!) Well, I am going to stop now because I've got to get back to my homework but I hope everything is going well for every else!

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