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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Facts and Figures

I have some quick updates and little facts about my life. It's unfortunate this blog doesn't allow you to have paragraphs; so I'm sorry but this might seem a little random. First; it is currently the season of Saint Nicolas here. Normally a holiday for little kids; but luckily my host family is really cool and I get to celebrate it. We started in November and St. Nicolas passes every now and then leaving candy by the fireplace to be discovered in the morning. It is really fun to wake up in the morning and get ready for school and then my sister and I go look to see if he left any candy. I also got to say hello to him the other day when we were doing some shopping. I couldn't really sit on his lap because he was really old and I think I would have been way to heavy; but I at least got to shake his hand. Next; I mentioned in an earlier post that I missed worms; but not to worry the same day I saw St. Nicolas; I also saw my first Belgian worm. It was really long and fat and it had a gradiant color change from pink to brown...perfect! Lastly I ran a "race" at school last friday. It is called "Le Cross de Saint Nicolas" and it is basically our exam for gym. I had to run 3 miles and since I'm the equivalent of a senior at school we wore costumes and afterwards we get to eat waffles. I ran it in 21 minutes and finished 67 of 295 people. We're divided into different sections by grade and gender, but my sister finished first for her section. Recently I also visited a tourist attraction called mini-europe in Brussels. It is a collection of scale models of different places in Europe...it was really neat. (photo of me as an english guard). I learned lots of interesting information; but here are some quick facts about belgium. Belgians consume the most french fries than anyone else and the average Belgian consumes over 16 pounds of chocolate per year!


M, D and E said...

What was your costume for the run?

Lauren said...

my pjs