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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

First and foremost, happy holidays to everyone! I hope everyone has an exceptional xmas and a terrific start to a new year! I am enjoying my vacation here in Belgium (we have about three weeks of vacation for christmas/new year). I finished a week and a half of exams the week before last and now vacation is great. I received my "report card" last friday so i will share some of my outstanding grades! haha, if i'm not failing it's great! I passed my history exam with exactly 50%. Luckily in english I have a good mark...82% for my exam and in science I'm also passing! My math exam was close to passing at 47%. Psychology is really good too with 80% for my exam. I did fail my religion exam (40%), but mostly because relgion has tons of vocab that I don't know. I would have to say my french is definitely improving and my teachers are not quite as frustrated as in the beginning when I understook nearly nothing. My other french class in the evenings is going really great because we started learning more grammer and not just vocabulary. I can now correctly talk and write (mostly) in the near past and near future! But, enough of school stuff. For Christmas in Belgium we have no snow, but where I'm going skiing in the Alps the snow is higher than me so overall it's okay. Over the past week of vacation I visited Mons and Nivelles with my friends and we did some shopping and sightseeing. I also went shopping with my sister and cooked some meals for when we go skiing. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Christmas here with my immediate family and then the 26 we're going to Maman's family to celebrate. Everyone will be back from college and on vacation tomorrow so I'm really looking forward to it! We are going to spend all morning preparing for a big supper and then open presents! I can't wait. Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for the new year!

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