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Thursday, November 1, 2007

ah, lauren, i miss you!

Lauren!!! only you would miss the worms when it rains! (personally i dont like the smell and having to try and avoid them) reading that you miss them made me laugh; and made me realize that its the little things, like that, that i miss the most about you! i also miss not being able to see you at school, it kind of feels like something is missing! :[ but its really neat to hear all your stories and i know your having an awesome time! i wish i could dream in french, that sounds so cool! lol...im not going to write much here because its late and i said everything i needed to in my earlier email! im so glad i can stay in touch with you and getting your reply email always makes my day! ...reading your parents comment on here almost made me cry (dont worry im not turning into a crier but its late and i miss you and i dunno, it just made me want to cry) but i hope your having an awesome break and ill talk to you later! --jill

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