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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oui ;Oui; je parle français

Salut (hello) everbody!! Yes; the honeymoon phase would be correct. I am really comfortable with my family and have started to make good friends at school. I can pick up on pieces of conversations and I don't have think really; really hard to carry on a conversation with one or two other people. It is gettingreally difficult to talk and do things with English. When I write I think in French and translate toEnglish; it is really weird. I even dream in French now. Sometimes it's a French/English mix; but it is really strange to wake up and immediately think in French. When someone starts talking to me in English it sounds really strange and it takes me a minute to register that they are talking in a language I know... the other day someone asked me what a word was in English and I had no idea. (it was mother-in-law; another person knew) This past week I was on a religous retreat with school. I went to a monestary in southeast Belgium. The weather and outdoors in general was just like MN. I learned a lot about life there and I met lots of people from school that I didn't know before so that was really neat. School is going well in general. Wednesday afternoons still feel like vacations; but that's okay; I'm not going to complain. There is lots of homework right now because we have one week of school and then vacation; so the teachers are giving lots of tests. I changed my schedule this past week because my french class with the younger kids got changed to math; so now I have another hour of french on Tuesdays. I think it is better now; because my new french class is talking about the theatre and so is my regular french class; so there are a few similarities and the vocab is generally the same. The weather here is really nice right now. There isn't too much rain; but it is slightly cool. This past week the trees have just started to change colors and the days are getting shorter. Usually it rains at least once during the day if not for most of the day; but that's Belgian weather. I am kind of dissapointed because there aren't very many worms here. It rains a lot; yet I haven't seen one worm! I am sorry I haven't posted any pictures for a long time; and it will probably be a while before there are any new ones. I am really busy with school and I haven't had time to work with pictures; because it takes a lot of time to put them on the computer and then put them in the blog. Be patient; I hope next week during vacation I'll have plenty of time.

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