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Friday, November 2, 2007

Movement Jeunesse and some other recent stuff

This past weekend I went on a "hike" with movement jeunesse (similar to scouts). The theme was seventies; so you had to wear a costume during the hike; for the various activities. We met at school Friday evening and broke up into teams of 5 people. We left with a map and a destination; but the at each destination you had to find a balloon and pop it to get the next location. So we didn't go directly to the location; we rode through the country for about an hour and a half. When we arrived we played karaoke and then went to bed (about midnight). Saturday morning we had Nutella sandwiches for breakfast and then spent the morning and part of the afternoon making movies. My team did Mary Poppins. We had a little dance with brooms and there was a chimney there so I climbed in the chimney and came out of the fireplace. It was really cool. Lunch was really yummy pasta with sauce. Then in we had a mini Tour de France. We had to go to different "pit stops" throughout the city and do different activities with the leaders such as decorating a bike; seventies trivia; etc. After that we had sprinting races. For the evening activity we played casino games and you had to win enough money to buy your dinner. It was really fun. Sunday morning we had breakfast and cleaned then went back to the school. Sunday afternoon I spent at home doing homework and then Sunday night I went to my sister's university and spent the night. Monday I met my friends there and we explored the campus and did some shopping at the mall. (for those of you in MN; the mall was just like the one with the Cheesecake factory except the stores were slightly different) Another side note; all the malls here have a supermarket in them; it is really weird. Anyways; Monday night I spent the night at a friend's house and got home Tuesday. So; I guess I've been keeping busy; but I like it. Hope you like the new pictures!

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Jeanine said...

Bonjour ma soeur..!ca va?thanks for your fast answer:)
Now that I figured out how to post a comment I thought I write again:)..heheh..mais je ne mentionnerai jamais plus Monsieur XY:)How`s school going for you? I love to hear that your french is improving so fast...good for you, girl!I have my "baccalauréat" in french at the end of this year so maybe I should visit you for a couple months(je dois absolument exercer mon francais:))I`m really excided going back to the US..or should I say Je suis très énervée..I hope Libby likes me:)But`it`s not going to be the same without you..we for sure have to meet in europe..We should meet each other on top of the eiffel tower...hehhe..:)Oh, it`s already late...I have to go!Hope to hear from you soon!Cordialement & bisous Jeanine