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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Honeymoon Phase?

According to AFS you should be in the honeymoon phase, finally getting comfortable with the culture and family, yet still excited by all the new stuff you are experiencing. Is this the case? I think we might be on opposite up-down cycles than you. Initially we were excited for you and loved hearing all about your new experiences (easy for us, we weren't trying to learn anything new like a culture and language and were still comfortably surrounded by our family and friends). We weren't missing you too much as you hadn't been away too long. Now there is less contact with you (you are all set up there), and your adventure (and funny) stories are fewer. Now there are big things/ times that you aren't here to share with us, not just a few days. We are feeling your absence more acutely now. There are no more teams on family game night. Now we are either ALL together or someone is alone. We no longer have pancakes for dinner as Dad doesn't have anyone to vote with him. On the positive side, your sister reports less hair and grime in the bathroom, there is now enough hot water for all our showers, I have the car whenever I want, we don't run out of bagels and Caribou bars in between trips to the grocery store, and we can borrow your stuff without asking (just kidding, mostly). We think about you all the time. We talk about you a bunch, too, as people are always asking about you. We try to direct them to this website so maybe you can give another little update here. Love you, M, D and E

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