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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A True Belgian

As the year starts to wind down I am overwhelmed with things to do. Between end of year parties, a camping trip with my friends, finishing up exams, graduation ceremony, and just plain hanging out with my host family (building the patio still) I am definitely felling the end. As I start thinking about all the things you do for possible the last time in your life our people you'll never see again, it's scary! But at the same time it's okay, because life goes on, I can't live be an exchange student forever!! As I look back on my year I am extremely happy and I know I will keep many very good memories (and hopefully be able to see some people again). For the moment, the weather is very belgian (rain one day and 80 degrees and sunny the next) and I seem to be getting my share of belgian culture. An afternoon in Bruxelles and fries for dinner is pretty belgian. Plus watching the European soccer tournament with my host sister while studying for exams. So as you can see I'm keeping busy, with the little time that rests! Hope everything is going well for everyone else and I'll maybe see you soon!

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