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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Good Ideas for a Title

Nothing super exciting is happening in Belgium (well yes but nothing more than the regular life). I'm having fun going shopping with friends, going to birthday parties, enjoying the nice weather (and the bad weather), and we are also starting to prepare for end of the year exams (and fun stuff). So basically, I'm living like a normal belgain high schooler...stress for school but party on the weekends! I am about to leave for my weekly tennis lesson and then I'll come home and study since I've a large test in English tomorrow and in two and a half weeks we start written and orale exams! As spring is here there are flowers all over and chicks and baby feasants. We are also working on building a new terrace around the pool (just like doing the porch in MN)....every weekend we help my host dad put the boards in place. It's actually made partially out of old railraod beds so the boards are really heavy and it takes three or four of us to lift them! Anyways, sorry there isn't much to update but maybe in a few weeks....and I'll try to post a picture some day soon. Best of luck for everyone finishing up this school year!

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Grandma Paula and Grandpop Bob said...

I'll bet you never thought your MN deck-building experience would come in handy again! At least not half-way around the world....