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Friday, September 14, 2007

School in Belgium

Well; this Monday I started school. It is really hard to understand the french; but I have lots of new friends and everyone is willing to help me. On Wednesdays we only go to school for half a day; which is really nice. It gives me plenty of time to work on my homework in the afternoon. My classes for school are: French (3 different classes); Spanish; Religion; Geography; Science; Psychology; Math; Gym; English; Orale Expression; History; and study hall. The schedule is different for everyday; so right now it is a little confusing for me. The school day starts at 8:30 and ends at 4:00. Lunch is 40 minutes long; unless you don't have a class 5th hour and then it is an hour and a half. I don't have class 5th hour on Tuesdays and Fridays; so I have plenty of time to eat. We also have a 15 minute snack break at 10:00. During this break and lunch we can go outside and you can meet with people from the whole school. It is really nice being able to enjoy the weather and have plenty of time to eat. Overall; life is good. I am making friends and starting to understand more and more in French. I even asked questions in class! I am getting used to everyday life and the Belgian culture.

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