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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back in the swing of things...

Vacation is over and after two weeks back at school you could see it in the eyes of everyone that summer won't be here soon enough! The first week back at school was awesome...I saw everyone again after not seeing my friends for two weeks and tennis lessons started up again. Everything went pretty smoothly and I noticed more and more progress for my french speaking abilities except a little less progress in my driving abilities. I have started riding a bike to tennis lessons because it is really nice outside so it great to be in the fresh air for 45 minutes in the afternoons, but as I was coming home from tennis I somehow hit the curb and had a little accident. Nothing really big just skinnned my knees and elbows...so I guess I'm not perfect in everything! The friday afterwards I went to a friend's house afterschool and we worked on our french project and then went to a party. The second week of school was a little more rough. We have nonstop tests and homework and plenty of group projects. By thursday everyone was ready for the weekend and when it finally got here we have so much stuff going on there is no time to rest. I just got back from movement jeunesse because we organised a huge rock concert so I was there helping out. It was the first time I ever worked at a "bar" before. I learned lots of new vocabulary as to what the slang words are for beer and the different mixed beer drinks...that's something you won't get in high school language classes! Some more general information: the weather is like MN spring: cold in the morning so you have to wear a jacket to school but you sweat when you walk home because it's 70 degrees. We've had surprisingly lots of sunshine and not too much rain or rain only during the night so that's been really nice. I found someone in Belgium who is able to get chocolate chips so we've made two and a half batches of chocolate chip cookies in the past two weeks...my family adores them! The guy who got me the chocolate chips misunderstood the quantity so he brought me four pounds...we still have a lot left to make! English lessons are still going great...my little student is showing lots of progress and I love having contact with a little kid a couple times a week. I have temporarily stopped my evening french courses because I have so many other opportunities and I seem to be learning more by reading (I read and wrote a review on a book that received the most prestigious french litterary prize), going to normal school, and having everyone correct me so I decided it was better to have fun with my friends and family than to be stressed with way to much work! Overall things are going really great and sorry I don't have too big of an update but I'm basically just going with the flow for the moment...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren!
It's Beth F from photo C last year! I was digging through an old folder and I found the piece of paper you gave me with the web address and immediately I sprinted for my computer! I read through your entire blog, and my goodness you seem to be having a wonderful time!
Everyone at Eagan is getting very anxious for the arrival of summer and many seniors have adapted to the senior slide. Some of us are gearing up for AP test, otherwise we're all pretty excited for Graduation!!

I can't wait to read more!

Beth F